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In the mid-1990s, one of the first Sailormoon fanfiction archives was founded by Sailor Skuld. Titled "Artemis and Luna's Central Command," the site collected Sailormoon fanfics and provided them to visitors via zip files that were posted weekly. As the archive became more popular, the site changed names, changed hands, and soon became known as "A Sailor Moon Romance," with rolling updates and a PHP structure similar to systems used by many archives today. At its peak, ASMR hosted over ten thousand stories and supported thirteen thousand user accounts.

After more than a decade of operation, ASMR suffered a server crash in September of 2007. Due to the time and costs involved in maintaining the site, its owners at the time decided not to restore it. One of ASMR's members, Dejana Talis, contacted the adminstrators and asked to be allowed to restore the fanfiction library, which had become a well-recognized pillar of the Sailormoon fandom. They agreed, and transferred ownership of the domain name to Dejana. The source files for the library, however, were never sent.

After several months with no word from the former administrators, Dejana resorted to gathering up independent backups and reorganizing them by hand. The resulting collection is incomplete, but many of the oldest stories, which cannot be found anywhere else on the internet, have been successfully restored. With luck and the assistance of other supporters, most of the library may eventually be recovered.

It is true, however, that the glory days of ASMR were over long before the site went offline. The flow of new stories and activity on the forum had slowed to a crawl. With the Sailormoon fandom on the whole much smaller than it once was, there is no longer a need to run as an active archive. It was that realization that brought about the site's current incarnation, One Song Glory.

One Song Glory is a fandom time capsule. Its purpose is twofold: to serve as a repository for the oldest Sailormoon fanfics, and to provide a living memory of the fandom itself. Although many of its members have moved on, the Sailormoon fandom was instrumental in the overall development of online fandom today. It grew as the internet grew, and helped lay the foundations that today's mainstream fandoms are built on. To honor that, One Song Glory also hosts essays written by former and current members of the Sailormoon fandom, preserving who they were in addition to the stories they wrote. For those who still call Sailormoon home, the directory section is an attempt to connect the fandom's remaining fansites and communities.

The present owner of is committed to keeping this site online as long as possible, for fans both old and new.

Thanks go out to the following for their assistance with the recovery process: The Fic Bitch, Jason, Starsea, Ashaela, and Kihin Ranno.