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Essay by Jynx Black

Ok, let's lay this out for the whole moonie fandom world to read...... I am a guy and as such I have endured a lot of criticism about my Sailor Moon obsession. “Why do you watch THAT show?” or “It’s all about the skirts right?” Those and many others are some of the questions I am asked when I admit to my liking Sailor Moon, or when they see my walls and see all of the artwork that I have done. ^_^

When did this start for me well I would have to think back to my second year of middle school forgive me for I can’t remember the year exactly? My father was working for the local power plant at the time and had to get up very early, so I would do the same and my mother would cook breakfast for us both. After my dad was out the door my mom would go back to sleep I would have the TV all to myself. At first I was watching various shows that I can’t remember or I would be playing my SNES (I know you all remember those, and I still have it too!). When we finally got the FOX network added to our normal cable I got my first glimpse of the show Sailor Moon in a promo. At the time I was just curious about it, and wanted to see what it was going to be about. A friend of mine, Ronnie, had introduced me to various shows like Voltron and the blessed Transformers, so I had an idea of what type of show it was going to be. So I made sure to be watching the first episode, and for years I did not know that I had actually missed the first episode and started watching the show from episode 2, oh well. I almost stopped watching the 3rd day I started. I could not stand “Serena’s” wailing voice but then the character of Ami Mizuno came into the picture then, I could not stop as more characters and villains came into the picture.

It sucked me in like no other show had, I found myself not being able to sleep because I would keep waking up to make sure I hadn’t missed it! “WOW” was the only thing I could say to the show, I was in awe and I wanted more. I found myself taping the final episode of season one and watching it a record 20 times in one sitting and not to mention rewinding the final battle between Queen Beryl and Princess Serenity more times then I want to admit. The song that was playing during the battle (the title escapes me) was stuck in my head for weeks and I caught myself mouthing the words when I was engrossed in something, this got me a few weird looks. Not nearly as weird of looks as when during High School my friend JD and I were cursing in his jeep with the windows down blaring “Power of Love” from the R season, but that was much later on in my obsession. I also found that I was able to talk Sailor Moon at great length with Ronnie’s sisters Allison and Tina. It was really great to be able to connect with other fans, for at the time I had no idea how big the fandom was.

After the season one run, it stopped! I was highly distressed by this, but I found other shows to occupy my attention. Then the USA network got a hold of it and I was able to watch for the first time Season 2. Sailor Moon R was quite a good addition to the show, and like before I watched it every chance I got. Also during this time I discovered ASMR and the wonderful fan-fiction that I am happy to see still exists. Then before I knew it, it was gone again, and it stopped at such a horrible time too! I’m sure you all remember. Rubius was defeated and the Dark Moon Sisters were all healed by the Silver Crystal, then that was it! It was not until Ronnie asked me if I would like to come to an impromptu Anime con in Denver with him and his family the next year. I was able to bury myself in Sailor Moon again! There were a handful of vendors and some panels on AMV making and fan-subbing. However the gem of this excursion was the fact that I was able to acquire the S and SS movies SUBTITLED!! I was blown away at how wonderfully different the show was from the American dub. Since then it has been VERY hard to watch the English dub. Also at the con I was introduced to a pair of SM fanatics who told me of the next 3 seasons that I had had absolutely no exposure to and the character of Sailor Saturn. When I got home I was all over the internet and ASMR asking questions and looking into the characters of the outer Senshi, but I found myself drawn into the character of Hotaru heavily. I still had not seen her short of pictures until I was able to get Cartoon Network and finally watch the rest of the R season and dive face first into the 3rd and my now favorite season S. When Hotaru appeared on screen my heart went out to her, and I was immersed in her dilemma of being the Senshi of destruction as well as being the dreaded Mistress Nine. The internal struggle was fascinating. Her friendship with Chibi-Usa was a touching one, and when Mistress Nine took her heart crystal I was devastated. The first appearance of Sailor Saturn sealed my favorite Senshi of all time. Her quiet nature and the grim determination that she had when she faced Pharaoh 90 in her true Sailor Saturn form, outstanding!

Sadly Hotaru does not make that many appearances in the show and it was not until my second year of college in 2003 that I was able to see her in full glory yet again in the Stars Season over a 2 day binge during Spring Break, thanks to a friend in my dorm that loaned me her imported copy. Thanks again Becka!

Well here we are in 2008 almost 2009, I have been married for 3 years now to my own otaku and beloved geek Karen. I have been out of college now for 3 years with an Associates Degree in Technical Theatre and Karen with her English Degree. A love affair with a show that came into my life a decade and then some ago, and I am no less fond of it. I was actually scared that my obsession would go away after I finished Stars, glad I was wrong! Hotaru regularly dominates my desktop’s wallpaper thanks to a website of beautiful art work devoted exclusively to Hotaru and Sailor Saturn. The site is run by Ryutaro Hino, check it out! I still find myself grabbing up my DVD of the final episode of season S and watching Hotaru rise to glory and be reborn over and over again. So “Why do I watch THAT show?” “Is it all about the skirts?” no, it is a wonderful story with dynamic characters and I must say a great fan-base that will preserve this show for many generations to come female and male fans alike. Hopefully more Hotaru fans!

Thank you Dejana for keeping ASMR alive and for letting this fan share his unique and enduring love for this wonderful Fandom!! ^_^

The Fan in Black
Jynx Black ^_^

December 9, 2008